Brian Flores on quarantine QB: We’ve talked about a plethora of scenarios

The Dolphins are one of the teams considering quarantining a third quarterback this season in order to have a healthy player on hand in the event that one or both of their top two players at the position are ruled out due to a positive test for or exposure to COVID-19.

Miami has the players on hand to make such a setup work as third overall pick Tua Tagovailoa and Josh Rosen are on the depth chart along with expected starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. Flores didn’t say how likely it is that the team will go that route during a video conference with reporters on Monday.

“We have looked into really every possible scenario, that being one of them,” Flores said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “Look, a lot of our meetings are Zoom right now. So everyone is in a quarantine. But in a lot of ways it takes care of itself. We’ve thought about that. We’ve talked about that scenario as well as a plethora of other scenarios. So I think we have a plan in place that we feel good about.”

A quarterback in quarantine could keep up with the team mentally, but wouldn’t be working with the team on the field during practices. While that might leave them less sharp than teams would like, it’s probably more appealing than scrambling to sign someone off the street at the last minute.